Terms / Back Up


All prices exclude recording media (except where noted). Half-Day: 1-5 hours…Full-Day: 6-10 hours (portal to portal). Overtime = 1.5 times hourly fee. No mileage charge for first 75 miles…current IRS approved rate per mile thereafter. Parking billed at cost. Cancellation: No cancellation fee if job canceled at least 24 hours in advance. If canceled less than 24 hours prior to job, 100% of daily labor fee will be charged. If canceled day of job, full charges apply. NVD retains the right to bring only that equipment which NVD feels is necessary to meet its client’s needs. Full payment is expected on delivery of finished product unless other arrangements have been made. Deposit required for first-time customers or projects requiring substantial up-front costs. Rates valid through 12/31/24 and are subject to change without notice after that.”


NVD “No Worries” Footage Backup Policy

Can’t locate your camera footage? Accidentally erase all your files? No worries. All footage shot by NVD is backed up immediately after each shoot. We’ll hold on to it for 6 months. If you need it before then, just give us a call.

Who else does that? Nobody but NVD!