5 Good Reasons

5 Good Reasons


You want a partner who shares your vision. At NVD, we take the time to understand what you’re trying to communicate, then suggest creative ways to accomplish your goals. We ask the right questions at the right time. And we’re totally committed to your success. Hey, when you look good, we look good…and a successful video benefits us both.


You want your video well produced. High quality work projects a high quality image. If that’s what you demand, insist on NVD. We’ll meet your video communication needs in ways you may not expect…like with an audience reaction shot to something being said, soft lighting that evokes a touching, emotional response, or a thoughtfully chosen camera angle that helps define a brand.


You want good value. NVD offers 1–man bands and half–day shoots, sends reference copies of your camera footage the following day, provides free loaner hard drives (how cool is that?) and brings a boatload of gear to your shoot (more than we usually need, but enabling us to meet just about any challenge.) Our editors are surprisingly fast and reassuringly capable (even fun to work with!) And if it takes a little longer to do a job right, we’ll do it without even glancing at the clock.


You want your video finished on time. Time is money. NVD save you more of both with directors of photography who shoot in a manner that makes editing a breeze, editors who know all the keyboard shortcuts to make quick work of a lengthy job, and production assistants who anticipate your needs and act swiftly without being asked.


You want peace of mind. If you want a detail-oriented camera crew that arrives on time, has all the right gear, shoots gorgeous footage, backs everything up on-site, leaves the location looking as good or better than they found it, sends reference copies of your footage the following day, then edits, revises and refines your program until you are completely satisfied, well…relax. You’ve come to the right place.